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Located in Lexington serving Lexington, Roanoke, Staunton, Waynesboro, Charlottesville and Harrisonburg areas

O`Byrne Contracting Inc are Lexingtons Trusted Custom Reproduction Professionals

O`Byrne Contacting Inc specializes in reproducing structural and decorative building components to preserve older homes and heritage buildings to Lexington historic property preservation guidelines, building codes and specifications. Our reputation is built on delivering meticulously planned and implemented residential and commercial restoration solutions that are of the highest quality.

Our licensed, experienced and innovative build teams are equipped with high tech machinery, advanced tools and up to date preservation training and technology to get it right for you the first time. Don`t wait around all day for another contractor to show up when they feel like it. O`Byrne Contracting Inc will show up on time, ready to get right to work, keeping your refurb, renovation or new build on time, on budget and on point with your vision.

Reproducing History in Lexington

Historic building reproduction requires specialized skill sets, an in-depth understanding of preservation technology and techniques and a commitment to getting the details just right. O`Byrne Contracting Inc offer a full suite of home and commercial property reproduction services that are not limited to:

  • Historic Wood Window and Steel Window Reproduction Including Heritage Glass
  • Historic Steel Door and Wooden Door Replication
  • Custom Masonry Repairs
  • Flooring Revival
  • Roofing Refurbishment
  • Historic Siding Reproduction and Replacement
  • Cabinetry Replication
  • Shutters Restoration
  • Paint and Finish Matching and Paint Removal
  • Plumbing Modifications for Historic Properties in Lexington
  • Electrical Engineering Including Heritage Lighting
  • HVAC Modifications to seamlessly install ductwork for new units

Before you begin work on your Lexington property, consult with O`Byrne Contracting Inc for the best pricing and practices on custom reproduction, millwork, design, architectural engineering and more.

We can match historic building components right down to the same profile, species of wood or material type and finish as their original counterparts. Email or phone us to book a free consultation and to look at examples of the extraordinary work we do in neighbourhoods like yours.

Residential Reproduction and Custom Mill Work in Lexington

You love the look and feel of your older home and though it could use a little attention, you don’t want to modernize too much to take away from the unique period architecture you enjoy. O`Byrne Contracting Inc is listening. We are specialists in preserving and respecting the original craftsmanship in your home. Consult with us for free and gain peace of mind knowing we are able to restore any part of your home with our ability to mill custom components that revitalize function and match the rest of your home down to the very species of wood, silhouette, profile and finish. From historic wood and steel windows and doors, to detailed trim work, masonry, and more we bring a full skill set to the table.

Commercial Reproduction Contractors

Commercial and industrial building owners in Lexington know that an inviting environment is one that is best for business. If your aging commercial structure requires weather-proofing, structural reinforcements or safety precautions like refurbished windows and doors, we can assist.

Period architecture is often built from old growth wood that is stronger and more durable than what is available today. In many cases, commercial restoration is a more valuable, durable option than modernization or replacement and contributes to the unique character, market value, and appeal of your location. Restoration can often result in state and federal tax credits. We can assess deterioration quickly, build custom heritage replicas in house, and re-install in a very short turn around time with minimal impact to your daily operations. Connect with us to book a free consultation to find out how we can revitalize and reinforce the historic beauty of your Lexington property on time and within your budget.