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Roanokes Door Restoration Experts

At O`Byrne Contracting Inc, we are award winning door restoration experts with over 87 years’ combined experience working with Roanoke residents and commercial business owners. We make broken, aged and unusable doors like new again. We have the skill and experience necessary to fabricate custom parts that match historic, or old doors right down to the same wood species, finish and profile.

Our commitment to complete client satisfaction and our ability to move your project forward on time and on budget make us a natural choice for any home or commercial building owner looking to refinish, repair or replace an old door.

Our up-front and value driven pricing and ability to offer quick turn around times on custom millwork set us apart from the rest. Connect with us via email or telephone to arrange a comprehensive consultation or for a free estimate.

Custom Millwork and Door Refurbishment

O`Byrne Contracting Inc operate out of a 15,000-sq. foot custom mill work, paint and fabrication shop. Our versatile modern machinery and equipment is well maintained, state of the art and ready to get to work for you. When your Roanoke property door restoration project requires the skills, precision and expertise of a professional door refurbishment specialist, you can count on O`Byrne to match your vision with perfectly crafted replicated, working parts.

Design a New Custom Door for your Roanoke Property

Designing the door of your dreams is easy when you work with O`Byrne Contracting Inc`s seasoned design team. If you can imagine it, we can bring it to life. Excellent supplier relationships, superior project management and strong industry leadership allows us to pass value on to you. Design the door you`ve always wanted, without breaking your budget. Our door removal and installation professionals show up on time with everything we need to get to work right away. We are courteous and will work quickly and efficiently to complete the job to your total satisfaction.

Re-Finishing: Historic Steel or Wooden Door

Re-finishing a door generally requires complete removal and temporary replacement. We`ll gently strip any existing finishes, sand down wood to a smooth uniform surface, repair any holes or blemishes and restore old hardware and casings to excellent working condition.

Aging door hardware is cleaned to ensure internal parts are functioning properly, and broken components are replaced with duplicates that are a perfect match to the rest of the door. Preserving history adds value to heritage properties and in many cases original doors and windows were crafted with old-growth wood that is more durable than what is available in the modern door manufacturing market. Rotten sections are easily replaced to restore integrity and functionality and no size reduction or light loss occurs as the door and frame maintain their original size.

Door Restoration Professionals

Phone or email O`Byrne Contracting Inc to discuss the unique specifications of your upcoming door restoration project. Our highly-recommended team of refurb specialists will work with you to deliver a gorgeous, long lasting solution to any door problem. Book a free consultation and receive a comprehensive estimate from Roanoke’s door restoration innovators.