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Complete Window Restoration Services in Charlottesville

At O’Byrne Contracting Inc, we are local, residential and commercial window restoration contractors in Charlottesville. Our highly skilled restoration technicians are award winning historic wood and steel window restoration and reproduction specialists. Our ability to match historic materials, profiles, and finishes results in added value, energy efficiency, and enhanced visual appeal.

Custom Heritage Window Fabrication and Repair Done Right

Our in-house, custom window fabrication and repair service operates a 15,000-square foot millwork and paint shop in Charlottesville. We are equipped with well maintained, advanced tools and machinery. From glass cutting to custom mill working and glazing, we produce gorgeous duplicates that match the same profile, grade and species of wood as their heritage counter parts. We can replace broken, rotten or dilapidated steel and wood, glass, sills, sashes, muntin, stile rails, hardware and more. Our skilled historic and antique window restoration team does it all. Let O’Byrne Contracting Inc move your build or repair forward on time and on budget. Connect with us via telephone or email for more information on our value driven pricing, award winning restoration techniques or to book an appointment for a free consultation.

Historic Steel and Wood Window Maintenance Team

Working with residents, commercial business owners, and general contractors in Charlottesville since 2009, we specialize in delivering professional historic wood window maintenance and restorations with extreme precision. Today, we are among the largest, most trusted window and door restoration companies in the nation. Avoid the nuisances and drafts that come with cracked panes of glass and decaying weather stripping while improving the energy efficiency of your Charlottesville home or building. A little maintenance goes a long way in keeping your windows sealed against weather and in excellent condition, no matter their age. O’Byrne Contracting Inc offers solutions for any window problem, from leaks, cracks and broken hardware to window removal, refurbishment and re-installation.

Budgeting for Window Restoration on any Scale

O`Byrne Contracting Inc offer our clients peace of mind and incredible savings. Our excellent supplier relationships, dedicated long time staff and project planning expertise allow us to diagnose and correct window issues quickly, provide unbeatable turn around times, and pass on cost savings to our valued customers through our upfront pricing and restoration options. Reach out to our restoration team to discuss the unique specifications of your building, to receive a free estimate or for more information on how we can align your future window restoration project with your budget and timeline goals.

Leading Window Restoration Professionals

Window restoration requires accreditation, attention to detail and specialized tools and equipment to achieve long lasting, professional results. Don`t trust the integrity of your view to just any window installers in Charlottesville. Phone or email O`Byrne Contracting Inc to set up an appointment for a comprehensive estimate today.