We're Passionate About Commercial Building Restoration

Revitalizing Lexington, VA's historical landmarks

In the construction industry, commercial building restoration is often seen as too much work for too little payback. If you're having trouble finding a commercial contractor in Lexington, VA willing to take on your project, you're in luck. O'Byrne Contracting, Inc. isn't just willing to take on special projects-they're all we do!

We can oversee the entire project and act as your one point of contact. Your unique project is our passion. Learn more about our commercial building restoration work when you call 540-817-8245.

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Commercial Renovation Services

No project is too unusual for O'Byrne Contracting

Our commercial renovation services include...

  • Updating large commercial properties, such as universities
  • Temporary transformations, such as converting a tennis court into a basketball court for a one-time event
  • Repurposing old spaces, such as converting an old building into a series of classrooms
  • Historical renovations, such as restoring and modernizing defunct commercial structures

Don't wait to get your project off the ground. Schedule commercial renovation services in Lexington, VA right away.