Match Your Historic Trim

Crafting custom millwork in Lexington, VA

Much of the trim on historic homes doesn't match our modern, standardized widths and thicknesses. That can make historic home restoration incredibly difficult. Instead of settling for the closet thing you can find, order custom millwork from O'Byrne Contracting, Inc.

We create all our custom millwork here in Lexington, VA based on our clients' specific needs. Don't make do with mass-produced trim. Place a custom trim order by calling 540-817-8245 now.

custom millwork lexington va

How to get custom trim in Lexington, VA

Typical trim companies turn out thousands of identical pieces at a time. You won't find anything mass-produced at O'Byrne Contracting. Each piece you order will be handcrafted to your specifications. There are several ways to get a piece of custom trim:

  • You choose a profile from our collection, and we can adapt it as you like.
  • You bring us a drawing, and our custom trim specialist carves a prototype.
  • You bring us a sample of existing trim, and we'll create a replica.

Once your order is made, we'll even prime and stain it to make sure it matches the original.

The trim you need to complete your historic home restoration or custom home is just a phone call away. Contact our Lexington, VA location ASAP.