Don't Replace Your Building's Old Windows

Maintain historic integrity with window restoration service in Lexington, VA

O'Byrne Contracting, Inc. of Lexington, VA is proud to be the largest historic window restoration company in the state and one of the leading window restoration companies in the nation. We've provided window restoration services to Washington and Lee University, Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia.

When you choose O'Byrne Contracting, our team will...

  • Remove your pre-1950s windows
  • Wrap them carefully for safe transportation
  • Install temporary windows to protect your property

Let us make your old, energy-wasting windows more efficient while preserving them for years to come.

historic window restoration

How does the window restoration process work?

You won't need to worry about a thing when you hire O'Byrne Contracting to restore your building's old windows. OCI specializes in window and door restoration for both commercial and residential customers. For the residential customer, OCI offers three levels of restoration:

  • Full Restoration: Removal and field labeling of existing sashes, temporary protection of existing
    openings, removal of original paint and glaze, priming sashes and re-glazing original sashes. After shop work is complete, reinstallation of original sashes
  • Window Tune Up: For residences within one hour of our shop, we offer window tune-ups, which will free stuck sashes, replace broken sash cords and chains, replace broken panes of glass, and adjust hardware for proper function
  • Take your sashes to us: We are happy to accept your original sashes in our Lexington, VA shop and make any repairs you require - from replacing broken panes of glass, rotted bottom rails, to full restoration, if you bring it to us, we can reduce our costs and save you money

For most projects, we're able to keep about 90% of the original glass.

Window restoration makes your windows far more energy-efficient and much easier to maintain and repair. Don't lose all that historic charm by swapping your classic windows for new ones. Instead, call the team at O'Byrne Contracting in Lexington, VA.